So I woke up this morning, about 6:55am. I had fallen asleep to NaDa’s stream on twitchtv at 3am (having learned something about tanks, medivacs and marines), and woke up to it being offline.

I figured it would be, so I clicked back to as I’m getting ready to go shower and what’s the first stream that catches my (sleepy) eye?


He was streaming live.

Turns out he’s playing on the KR server. Two matches against some other GMs, then a couple against Sen, then he logged off. Awesome, I thought, look how he moves, and how exact his mouse is, and how seamlessly he splits his lings, and how his control groups are made and not grouping in his hatcheries with them by accident like i do all the time ajsgdjsagfkagwkgafk

Now, see,

that’s when I realized I had been sitting naked on my bed watching IdrA for about an hour, and I still needed to get ready for work.

I was late today.

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